Welcome aboard at BOEI2


Bjorn BOEI2 Almere

Enjoying a day on the water?

Book directly via our website

Welcome aboard at BOEI2


Björn BOEI2 Almere

Enjoying a day on the water?

Book directly via our website

Discover the city of Almere from the water with BOEI2

Rent a boat or BBQ+FunDonut and explore! For a special, varied sailing area you really no longer have to go to Friesland or Loosdrecht.

BOEI2 Almere sailing through Almere

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BOEI2 Almere sailing through Almere

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have questions before you get on the water! Read all frequently asked questions below.

When should I return the boat?

The time that you have to return your boat depends on the agreed time frame. In the evening this applies in any case before sunset, otherwise at 21.30 at the latest.

Can I sail without a license?

Yes! You can sail our boats without a license. After an explanation of the boat and the rules on the water, you can immediately get on the water.

Can I take a picnic basket full of goodies for the road?

What a good choice, that is certainly possible! Along the way you will come across many cozy places where you can enjoy a picnic basket full of goodies. We are happy to put these together in consultation with you.

No license required

For our boats you do not need a license.

Easy sailing

After a short explanation you will sail away in no time!

With hood for the sun

Or sundeck for the sun worshipper!

Want to enjoy all-inclusive?

Book not only a boat, but also a cozy and well-stocked picnic basket. Along the way there is always an idyllic picnic spot to be found.

Sail, explore and enjoy.

At BOEI2 on the Noorderplassen your day in Almere starts ‘Net-Even-Anders’. From our unique location at Restaurant BoatHouse on the Noorderplassen in Almere, you will discover a city that deserves to be explored from the water and the land. Our sailing routes and Segway Tours show you the most beautiful places of the city and its surroundings. Nature, wide lakes, architecture, the city center, residential areas with special architectural styles but also, for example, the future Floriade 2022 area.

We rent:

  • Canadian canoes
  • Luxury motorboat for up to 6 people
  • Luxury Interboat 21 sloop for up to 8 people
  • Waterborne Horizon 7.80 sloop for up to 12 people
  • Barbecue boats for up to 10 people

Curious about what else we can offer for you and your company? View our packages.


Choose your favorite boat

At BOEI2 you can book your favorite boat online directly.


Complete your reservation

Pass on all the information and choose, for example, for extra life jackets.


Enjoy on the water!

After a quick explanation you are ready to enter the water, have fun!

The sailing area

Almere has a large and varied sailing area and offers nice sailing routes for both half and full day. The sailing area is the inland waterway of the Flevopolder. Sailing on the Markermeer, the Randmeren and the IJ-meer is not allowed. Enjoy a boat trip through the nature parks, the city canals, over wide lakes and along the skyline of Almere. The sporty water sports enthusiast will also get his money’s worth with us, with a day on a ‘voyage of discovery’ in one of our Canadian canoes.

When renting a sloop or motorboat, you will receive the ‘Vaarkaart Almere’ with nice sailing routes and also tips for a picnic or a stopover at one of the many restaurants.