Experience the BBQ sensation on the water, just in Almere.

Special BBQ on the water

Are you looking for a special place to barbecue? Found. Experience the BBQ sensation on the water with our BBQ+FunDonut.

Sail yourself to a beautiful place, find a lake pole, turn off the outboard motor and light the BBQ in peace and comfort. Our BBQ+FunDonuts can be booked with catering (only for groups) or without. Or do you prefer to lounge on the water for a few hours, that is also possible. Sail at your leisure over the beautiful Noorderplassen and enjoy a snack and drink along the way while sailing. The ultimate enjoyment can begin. On board our donuts it is almost every day summer in Almere!

The best barbecue on the water

With a snack and FunDonut from BOEI2 Almere

With our BBQ+FunDonuts you not only enjoy a summer barbecue. There are still plenty of possibilities for groups, for example a:

  • Lounge and cocktail party
  • Birthday party
  • Brunch or lunch on the water
  • Surprise to give away for Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Bachelor party
  • Romantic sunset as a couple
  • BBQ party at the jetty
  • Swim
  • High Tea

Our BBQ+FunDonuts are suitable for 9 people including BBQ. Do you sail out without a BBQ? Then 10 people can take a seat in the donut. Of course we also provide customized solutions. Feel free to contact us for this!

Practical information

Useful to know before you leave

Book your BBQ+FunDonut in advance. We make the Donut ready to sail, so you don’t have to wait for it. Come our way and get off your way. Don’t worry if the weather is bad on the day you have booked. With every reservation you will receive a Donut weather guarantee: if it rains or blows too hard, you can reschedule the reservation to another day for free. Just as often until it’s good Donut weather!

You sail on the Noorderplassen and around the islands (Mutineers Island, Pirate Island and Pirate Island). Here you can float out of the wind and in the sun while enjoying a delicious barbecue.

Rates BBQ+FunDonut

Or calculate your price in our reservation system

  • 3 hours sailing with the BBQ+FunDonut and outboard motor: € 180,-
  • €37,50 per person for fully catered BBQ including drinks (excl. sailing €180 per 3 hours)
  • Contents BBQ: 4 pieces of meat, salads, sauce, bread and 4 drinks per person, BBQ utensils, crockery and cutlery

Donut Yourself

If you choose the Donut Yourself, you take everything (food / drinks / cutlery, etc.) yourself. If you want us to put a cool box, cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses on the donut, you can order it. See the prices above.

Donut weather guarantee

Book with peace of mind

You can book the BBQ+FunDonut in advance with peace of mind, because you will receive a ‘Donut weather guarantee’ from us.

Weather conditions where we advise you not to go donuting are for example thunderstorm threat, a full rainy day and / or a lot of wind > (4 Bft.).

If you have booked a‘Donut-Yourself’, you can reschedule the reservation to another day up to 2 hours in advance, without additional costs. That is possible until it is good ‘Donut weather’.

If you have booked a‘Donut-Easy’,you can (due to.m. the order of the catering) up to 3 days in advance, at no additional cost, reschedule the reservation to another day. After that, the costs of the catering are due and you can only use the rental price of the donut for a new reservation.

So you will always get good weather from us!

Veel gestelde vragen

You must have questions before you get on the water! Read all frequently asked questions below.

When should I return the BBQ+FunDonut?

The time that you have to return your boat depends on the agreed time frame. In the evening this applies in any case before sunset, otherwise at 21.30 at the latest.

Can I sail without a license?

Yes! You can sail our boats without a license. After an explanation of the boat and the rules on the water, you can immediately get on the water.

How many people can sit on the BBQ+FunDonut?

When you go barbecuing, 9 people can take a seat in the donut. Not going to barbecue? Then you can board with 10 people.

Where can I find the rates and can I make a reservation?

Via the reservation system of BOEI2 Almere you can easily make your reservation for a boat online. Here you will also find all prices, for every part of the day and by boat.

Rental conditions

When making a reservation, our rental conditions apply. You can view this via the button below.

Contrary to the HISWA rental conditions:

  • No later than 48 hours before departure, the rental price must be paid, otherwise we reserve the right to rent out the boat again.
  • The reservation can be moved free of charge to another available date up to 48 hours before departure.
  • If the Corona measures at the time of the date of your reservation do not allow your party to sit together on the boat, you can cancel the reservation free of charge up to one day in advance or reschedule it to another date.

Obviously, unexpected bad weather (wind force > 4bft), sudden prolonged rainfall and /or thunderstorms (threat) is always a reason to move the booking. There is no charge for this.

Book your unique BBQ experience on the water

What are you waiting for? Book your BBQ+FunDonut right away and enjoy almere on the water. Go out on the water with friends or family and float in the evening sun while enjoying a snack and a drink.