Rent a boat

Rent a boat in Almere and enjoy on the water

Discover the city of Almere from the water

Unknown makes unloved and that certainly applies to the sailing area of Almere. The Almere sailing chart, which you get for free, offers fun and varied sailing routes for both a part of the day and a whole day. With our boats you can sail without a license! Rent a sloop or motorboat and enjoy the water city of Almere!

Our rates go beyond just the boat. A free sailing chart with sailing tips, life jackets for the little ones, waterproof barrels for your valuables and a 12V connection for a minibar on the sloops and the larger motorboats.

All-inclusive enjoyment

With a snack and boat from BOEI2 Almere

Do not only book a boat, but also, for example, a cozy and well-filled picnic basket. Along the way there is always a nice picnic spot to be found.

For the sloops and motorboats we also have an ‘All-inclusive’ package. Not only the rental of the boat but also the snack and drink for the road. In the harbor your drink is already ready and your table is set for a fully catered lunch or dinner at restaurant BoatHouse. ‘All-inclusive-enjoyment’ we’ll just say!

Veel gestelde vragen

You must have questions before you get on the water! Read all frequently asked questions below.

When should I return the boat?

The time that you have to return your boat depends on the agreed time frame. In the evening this applies in any case before sunset, otherwise at 21.30 at the latest.

Can I sail without a license?

Yes! You can sail our boats without a license. After an explanation of the boat and the rules on the water, you can immediately get on the water.

What’s included in the price?

The prices of our boats include VAT and of the motorized boats also include fuel.

Can I take a picnic basket full of goodies for the road?

What a good choice, that is certainly possible! Along the way you will come across many cozy places where you can enjoy a picnic basket full of goodies. We are happy to put these together in consultation with you.

Where can I find the rates and can I make a reservation?

Via the reservation system of BOEI2 Almere you can easily make your reservation for a drill online. Here you will also find all prices, for every part of the day and by boat.

Rental conditions

When making a reservation, our rental conditions apply. You can view this via the button below.

Contrary to the HISWA rental conditions:

  • No later than 48 hours before departure, the rental price must be paid, otherwise we reserve the right to rent out the boat again.
  • The reservation can be moved free of charge to another available date up to 48 hours before departure.
  • If the Corona measures at the time of the date of your reservation do not allow your party to sit together on the boat, you can cancel the reservation free of charge up to one day in advance or reschedule it to another date.

Obviously, unexpected bad weather (wind force > 4bft), sudden prolonged rainfall and /or thunderstorms (threat) is always a reason to move the booking. There is no charge for this.

Rent a boat at BOEI2 cheaply

Sailing often and cheaply? Then choose our BOEi2 discount pass. After 5x renting a boat at BOEI2 you will receive a discount voucher of 20% on the total rental price of all boats you have rented from us. Next time you rent (almost) for free!